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Rose Wilson
Just what i needed

Since menopause I have suffered with hot flushes and irregular sleep. Since taking this I have not had any hot flushes and I’m only waking up once or twice in the night compared to what felt like being awake most of the night. Thank you to India for suggesting this to me

John Mcglynn
It really works

I walk and swim quite a bit and suffer from really sore knees but while using this I don’t have any pain in knees at all

Jill Carrigan
Everything has improved

I gave this to my husband who dutifully usually takes everything he is given. However, this time he has enthused constantly about the benefits. He says he is calmer as he is usually quite hyper. He however, has also become much more energetic and enthusiastic in his work. He is at 63 working like a 20 year old (harder in fact) on his grounds maintenance business. Myself, I have noticed I have a lot more energy and am not tired after a bad night. My IBS has calmed down no end. Skin is better and really an overall feeling of vitality at 60 years old. Thank you.

I’ve found my ‘Pot of Gold’!

WOW, really impressed. The benefits of taking this oil are amazing.Have been taking this for a few weeks now and already starting to notice the difference . So far I’ve experienced less aches in my knees, my skin heals quicker from insect bites from being outside a lot, more energy & mental clarity. My partner is also taking it and he’s had far less flare ups from acne rosacea.The price is excellent for the quality. It has a very strong taste but doesn’t linger or repeat on me.So far I’ve been taking it neat, but plan to add it to smoothies.I will definitely be making regular purchases of this oil from Inner Vitality from now on. Live the brand.

Ben L.
Wish I'd discovered it sooner!

Black seed oil really is as good as it gets when it comes to natural remedies to fight inflammation. I have now worked up to taking 3 teaspoons a day as well as massaging the oil into my hands and elbows and they have not felt this loose in years! Very happy with this product I wish I had discovered it years ago

Raeesa Kothia
Black seed oil

My daughter was very ill throughout the winter months, with breathing difficulties mostly with a cough and cold. I’ve been using black seed oil and I feel like it has really helped support her immune system and breathing.


Since using this black seed oil my partner has way more energy and less aches and pains.
He has Crohn’s disease and this oil really helps to calm down his digestive tract. The aftertaste takes a little getting used to, but he is happy to continue taking as the good it is doing is worth any initial taste issues!