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Susan Dyer

I have arthritis in my left knee and after three steroid injections which were effective for less time, each time I had one, I decided it was time to try something else. I have been taking the capsules for four weeks now, but after two weeks the pain was completely gone. I can walk over six miles and although my knees still get a bit stiff afterwards, there is no pain. A success!

Rachel Grindrod
Organic Tumeric Curcumin95

There are very many products,boasting the same beneficial qualities,but to find a product which is organic,and suitable for vegatarians ,which such a high level of Curcumin,is quite rare.

No nasty "beef gelatin",and no dubious source of the product which you purchase,The recommended dosage is 3 capsules,but due to the fact I am on a minimum wage,i can only afford to take 2.

Even so,my hands are so much more supple,and nearly pain free.

I believe that if I took the recommended dosage,"i would be pain free".

I highly recommend this company to provide you with the highest quality ingredients,from traceable sources,grown organically and to provide you with the best Tumeric supplement that is available.

I know that last month,for various reasons,i went without taking my supplements,and my hands became so stiff,and painfull,that I had to acknowledge,that "I can`t live without The wonder Spice".

Thank you

Tumeric Vitality

Nicki Hancock
Amazing stuff which work wonders

I have currently been getting back on track with my fitness routine and was advised by my friend to take turmeric for back aches and muscle aches. It works wonders. I have way more energy in gym. My 21 year old daughter takes it too and noticed that she wakes up easier in the morning and feels more invigorated during the day. I also bought a lot of packs for my father who is stage 4 cancer. He said he feels not so tired all the time so we are all keeping fingers crossed. I would recommend Timeric to everyone. Old or young.

June Durn
Great Product

Trying Turmeric for an aching/stiff and painful hip/leg due to mild arthritis that has developed after an accident I had some years ago, I also get stiffness/aching in my hand joints, have been using now for 3 weeks and it seems to be doing the trick, no aching in hands and a few twinges in leg, but nothing like I was experiencing, was taking ibuprofen regularly but not taken any since I started taking the Turmeric, just about to order again. Hopefully it continues to work.

John McCann
Tumeric v Arthritus

Started using this product and after 5 weeks noticed a great improvement in my arthritic knuckles and still improving, would recommend this product to any arthritis sufferers

Ken Black
Turmeric = A New Lease Of Life

I have been taking the Turmeric Vitality recipe capsules for four months and have felt a great improvement in my health. This 81 year old has more energy and a spring in my step once more, plus my chronic back pain has been reduced by 50% since taking this particular recipe of Turmeric, Black Pepper and Ginger. Try it for you to could have a new lease on life just like me. Cheers.........Ken

Alisha Lewis

I genuinly think this is better than the CBD I was taking. This really helps my fibromyalgia and helped my partner soth his inflammatory prob. We take 3 daily. Thank you.