"I feel so much better when I am regularly taking black seed oil, my energy has improved and I am less achey, highly recommend"   Justin.S  Customer review





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Customer Reviews

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Joe H
Amazing inflammation fighter (better than turmeric)

This stuff is awesome. Highly recommend for fighting inflammation (which is what I mainly wanted it for).I've had pretty bad ezcema on my eyelids. Dry skin plus red patches that circle my eyes (think panda eyes... But red instead of black. Not nice).Hydrocortisone brings it down but it comes right back when I stop. What's more, it's also not a long term solution since it's damaging to the skin.I had a hunch the redness is inflammation, so tried turmeric... Which reduced a bit but not much.Then I heard about black seed oil. The ridiculous amount of scientific studies makes it sound like "nature's wonder drug", so I wanted to try it.Taken it now for a week and the ezcema redness is very nearly gone!Plus, I generally feel great too. My body is stronger and more energised.Since black seed oil has so many benefits, I'm pretty sure it's a great "daily protection" against any health issues. I'll keep using it for a very long time.And quality? Cant fault it. Cold pressed, all natural. And it's really easy to take too (no taste. The capsules are a decent size so some might struggle... But my hot tip is to put the capsule on your tongue... Fill your entire mouth with water and then take big gulps. You won't feel it go down).Definitely give this a try.

Allyson Lawson
Black seed oil capsules

I tried both the black seed oil and capsules and I preferred the capsules but it is down to individual choice. I found that I have more energy and much less bloating since I started the capsules. I also take turmeric capsules for pain and inflammation caused by severe arthritis which I found has made life so much better as I am now pain free. I will continue taking both products as the service is very good.

Ddembe Williams

Black Seed Oil Capsules

D Baker

Black Seed Oil Capsules

John Elliott

Good value

Benefits of black seed oil

I have taken black seed oil for a few months and I have benefitted from less inflammation in my right hip. I am able to enjoy walking Ceredigion coastal path pain free. I generally feel healthier in myself and would recommend this product.

Top rate capsules……

Taking these Black seed oil capsules is so much easier than taking to oil. Both are an amazing supplement to deal with many different health issues, also as a preventative.