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Excellent product, I use a teaspoon in my coconut latte each morning. Feeling calm and relaxed.

Gypsum Fantastic
King of the mushroom jungle

Lion's mane mushrooms have loads of reported benefits, mainly relating to mitigating the effects of cognitive decline and improving mental focus and memory.I've taken numerous lion's mane supplements and I can tell which ones are genuine as I get a couple of noticeable effects - a faint but constant background hum in my ears and very vivid dreams. I get these symptoms with this brand which is oddly reassuring and not as annoying as it may sound.Reasonable value, mixes well in smoothies and imparts only a slight mushroom flavour.Good product, reasonable value

mr j.
mixing with my morning mocha

I mix this with my morning mocha or coffee. I'm not sure if its helping or doing anything really. I do take shilaji and turmeric and multi vitamins also so maybe i'm taking too much. not sure i'm feel different. I may reduce my vitamins and see if that does anything but generally, i don't feel anything apart from tired more.

D Preston

A different product a change from the ordinary coffee. Very good.

James T
As described

Tastes ok, seems to be working, happy with my purchase and I will buy again

Takes time but definitely feel better

I didn't notice much at first but after my first packet ran out I noticed I wasnÕt feel quite as much energy as I had been when putting a spoonful in my tea and I also did not feel as rested in the moring. I am now back on the same dose and feel good so I am sure it is working as nothing else has changed in my diet. There is also a lot of research on the brain benefits of lions mane so I will continue and join the subscription on my next order. Keep it up team Vitality

Love this in my coffee

Love this in my coffee, 1 teaspoon lions mane, 1 scoop prebiotic collagen and boom, I feel more upbeat and my digestion is the best it has been in a long time. The price is great for the amount you get I have paid a lot more for half the amount in my local health shop.