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FAQ - Turmeric Vitality Organic Turmeric Supplements

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How much Turmeric should I take everyday?

The University of Maryland medical research centre recommends using 1-3g of ground turmeric root per day. Each one of our organic capsules contains 650mg organic turmeric so taking 4 capsules a day provides 2.6g of turmeric.

Does Turmeric have poor absorption?

Turmeric does have poor absorption and is metabolised and excreted by the body if consumed alone. If Piperine from black pepper is consumed with turmeric it increases its absorption by up to 2000%. For our organic capsules we add organic black pepper and organic Ginger. Ginger helps to enhance the absorption of turmeric nutrients as well as providing its own health benefits.

Where are your supplements made?

Our Organic Turmeric capsules are made in our UK IS9001 certified organic facility following strict GMP guidelines. Stringent quality control standards ensure a safe and reliable product. Our entire production chain is closely monitored from farm to capsule to ensure it meets the strict organic certification standards.

Are your products Vegan/Gluten/Dairy free?

Yes, the capsules we use are organic vegetable based and contain no diary, gluten, preservatives or ANYTHING else except the listed ingredients.

Is turmeric safe?

Yes turmeric is a natural food that can be consumed on a daily bases. It's use as a food and medicinal herb has been dated back as far as 4000 years. There are however some people on medication that should not consume high doses of turmeric as it may interact with their medication. Please see our article on Turmeric side effects for details. Pregnant or nursing mothers are advised not to supplement turmeric. If you are unsure whether turmeric is safe for you please consult your GP or a qualified medical practitioner Anyone scheduled for surgery must avoid turmeric supplements 2 weeks before as it is a natural blood thinner.

★ Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

136 reviews
7-year old with sleep apnea due to enlarged tonsils

I normally don't write any reviews, but I am so grateful to this product. Thanks to this, my 7-year old son does not need an operation. True story. My ENT consultant friends say I need to write a case study! He had sleep apnea (when they stop breathing nighttime) for 15-20 seconds at the time due to enlarged tonsils. No problems with tonsillitis. He had always snored but the apnea had been going on for more than a year and getting worse. I would adjust his neck to be hyperextended and open his airway nighttime so he could breath. He needed an adenotonsillectomy, but I just didn’t fancy him having an operation if I could avoid it. So I started researching. And found out that high dose Turmeric (Curcumin) with black pepper is highly anti-inflammatory. There’s plenty of medical studies on high dose turmeric and arthritis, Ulcerative Colitis and even Cancer treatment/prevention. And it has proven to be both safe and effective (Cancer studies still ongoing). So I thought if those highly inflammatory diseases respond so well, my son’s hypertrophic (enlarged) tonsils might too.
I was very surprised but it did help! 10 days after starting the Turmeric, he wasn’t having apneas. Not only that, he doesn’t even snore anymore! Amazing. I’m still over the moon.
Now my whole family is taking this supplement. I have been recommending this to all my patients, family and friends for all kinds of inflammatory conditions.
I started giving my son half dose (up to 3/4) twice a day. We now give him 1 spoonful a day and he is still free of apneas or snoring. Lovely taste too.
I highly recommend this product!

Bio-fermented tumeric I love it!

I love this product. I have been taking it a few months now, purchasing off Amazon. I have now decided to buy direct, and take advantage of the subscribe and save, and reward scheme, which as I am using one bottle every month is worth doing. I have a number of health issues, I have found this products helps my stomach, digestives issues and chronic pain. I am not saying that I am cured or even feel significantly better, but I have noticed a difference, enough differnce to carry on, which I believe is cumlative as well. What I have noticed is that if I don't take it, and maybe miss it on one or a few days, I feel worse for not taking it. So I take that as positive, that on some level it is helping. I also have difficulty swallowing tablets, so this liquid form is a great option. I personally prefer the berry taste to the pineapple, but obviously that is personal preference. I have been taking only 15mls a day, but now may consider increasing to more. I am very sensitive to products, and tried similar, and it didn't suit me, but this seems to work well so far. I would definitely recommend.

Great Product

I have heamochromatosis which caused me a great deal of discomfort with joint pain. This product has been a game changer, pain free, feeling much healthier and great liver results. My nurse asked if i was on asprin ??? As my blood flow was so good. It detoxes your whole body including your blood. And its natural !!!! wonderful creation :-)


I would not go without this product now. I have been suffering with IBS for over 5 years now and after taking this for 2 days my stomach felt like it was letting go is the only way I can describe it. I am on my second bottle and I am amazed how good I feel. Tastes lovely as well

I have been taking Turmeric Vitality for only a couple of weeks yet have already noticed an improvement within my digestive system. I can definitely recommend this product for anyone who needs a boost to their system